This is the fantastic power of what monthly donations to Islamic Aid can achieve. And all it takes from you is a regular donation of just £21 per month over three years, or £13 over five years.

Due to regular donations totaling £770 over five years, Tahira’s family was turned from one facing starvation into a family that can provide for themselves and contribute to their community. Not only are all their immediate needs and children’s schooling met, but they can all now look forward to a happier future.

These regular gifts would roughly amount to the £770 necessary to support a family like Tahira’s through the children’s schooling years, provide them with livestock and help support them while they become self-sufficient. Please make your monthly commitment to help another family like Tahira’s today.

Tahira’s story – How your support helped change Tahira and her family’s lives forever.

Eight years ago in Quetta, Pakistan, little Tahira’s father died. She was only eight years old at the time and was completely devastated.

When her father died, the family lost their livelihood and their home. Tahira’s mother, Kaneezan Bibi, was left to bring up Tahira and her three other children on a pension of less than £8 a month.

Facing poverty and homelessness

The family could no longer afford to stay in the city and had to move to a village where their situation looked equally hopeless. In the village there was no school for the children and no work for Kaneezan Bibi. The family was barely surviving and often had no food to eat.

Thankfully, Islamic Aid became aware of the family’s plight while we were setting up the Ujala School in the same village. At first, we gave them some money to help with their immediate needs. Then we admitted Tahira followed by one brother and one sister into the school.

Thanks to donations received from people like you, the children were provided with free education, books, uniforms, healthcare and guidance. “Islamic Aid has really transformed our lives.” Kaneezan Bibi, Tahira’s mother.

Providing long-term solutions to poverty

But our support didn’t end there. We started giving Tahira’s mother goats, then cows and chickens so that she could start rearing them to earn a good living.

Now Tahira is about to finish her high school and is eager to help her mother with the business. Tahira’s mother every month earns about Rupees 12,000 (twice the salary of a school teacher in her village) by selling milk, eggs and chicken and says:

“I can’t now think of those times when I had nothing to feed my children. Thanks to Islamic Aid, we have now our own goats, chicken and cows. The children are very proud that through these animals we have enough milk, eggs and meat. We earn extra money by selling the excess.

We also received free medical care from the Islamic Aid Hospital and the mobile health clinic when it visits our village. Islamic Aid has really transformed our lives.”

This is just one example of how Islamic Aid works to change lives for good. By providing education, healthcare and small investments in farming or useful trades, we are helping more and more poor people to stand on their own feet and work their own way out of poverty.

Will you help other children like Tahira and their families?

In total it cost about £770 over five years to turn Tahira’s family from one facing starvation into one where not only all their immediate needs and children’s schooling are met, but where they can all look forward to a happier future. The family has become self-sufficient and they are also helping to provide important foods for their community too.

We know of many more children like Tahira and her family who would benefit hugely from having fresh water wells installed, new schools and hospitals built, skills training projects made available and basic needs provided.

These things can change lives forever – and you can help to make it happen.

Remember, a regular donation of just £21 per month over three years, or £13 over five years would roughly amount about to the £770 necessary to support a family like Tahira’s while they become self-sufficient.

This is the best way to help people overcome poverty forever. Please become a regular donor today. Thank you.