Gift of Life is a regular donation that is set up by Direct Debit. It is a convenient way for you to give your Sadaqah or Zakat, or even set up a Sadaqah-e-Jarya for yourself or on behalf of a loved one. You can give as much, or little, as you want, and it’s all done automatically – so you can be sure you’re always helping our brothers and sisters who really need it.

The Prophet (PBUH) said that the most beloved of deeds to Allah (Swt) are the most consistent and regular of them, even if they are few [Bukhari, Muslim].

Where will my gift go?

No body wants to live on handouts, so your Gift of Life will ensure that people can make a decent living, access fair markets and meet their own, and their families’, needs in the long term.

At Islamic Aid, we focus on the root causes of poverty. So, your Gift of Life will go to work toward long-term development projects, such as LivelihoodsTeacher TrainingFair Trade in Palestine, or Goat Bank in Pakistan.

This is what you can help achieve by giving a Gift of Life for one year:

£5 a month will provide a family in the Horn of Africa with two goats – helping them earn a living

£15 a month will build a hand pump in Pakistan that can give two families clean water

£25 a month will provide funding to send a child to higher education

£55 a month will maintain a hospital bed in Bangladesh – treating 500 patients

Never before has the world experienced such abundant resources of money, knowledge and food. Your Gift of Life can help us make reality a world where everyone has enough to eat, and the opportunity to earn a decent living.