Islamic Aid is a learning organisation, and welcomes your feedback, whether positive or negative. All communication will assist the organisation to improve its services. Islamic Aid is always pleased to have feedback regarding its services. If you have communicated with Islamic Aid to make a comment the organisation may wish to use your positive feedback to promote its work, but will seek your approval if it wishes to do so.

Who to contact and how

You can contact the organisation through email at, or write to the Islamic Aid, 29 Church Hill, London E17 3AB.

How Islamic Aid will respond to your communication or complaint?

Islamic Aid, keen to consistently improve its services, also welcomes any complaints. If you are unhappy with the service Islamic Aid offers and wish to make a complaint, speak in the first instance to the relevant member of staff responsible for the service. Many issues can be resolved by a discussion with the staff person responsible or with their local manager, and Islamic Aid will try to resolve the matter immediately through such a discussion.
If this process is not satisfactory and you wish to proceed to make a formal complaint it must be put in writing and signed. A third party can assist non-literate complainants. A Complaint Form is available.

This form is for the use of Islamic Aid, donors, partners, funders and beneficiaries to facilitate feedback regarding Islamic Aid services. Please complete the form and return to

Timing of response

Islamic Aid will acknowledge any written complaints in writing within one week of receiving the complaint. It will provide a full written response to all complaints within one month from the date of receiving the complaint, explaining how the organisation has investigated those complaints and what action has been taken. If there are special circumstances which extend this timing we will communicate this time-delay to you. If you feel Islamic Aid has been unable to resolve your complaint satisfactorily, you may appeal to the Chairman. He/she will investigate the complaint and provide a written response within 30 working days of the appeal.

Maintaining confidentiality

Your comments will be treated in the strictest confidence, in line with Islamic Aid’s confidentiality policy. Islamic Aid has a responsibility to safeguard confidential information about donors, partners, funders and beneficiaries.