Immediate Aid Needed for Gaza Residents


This is a critical moment for Gaza. Stand in solidarity with its residents during their darkest hour. Support our on-the-ground team with your donation now and help make a meaningful difference.


Food and Fuel Ban:

The Israeli defense authorities have declared a “total blockade” on Gaza, strictly prohibiting the entry of crucial supplies, notably food and fuel, thereby amplifying the hardships for the region’s inhabitants.

Displacement Crisis:

Due to the escalating conflict, over 1.7 million Gaza residents are displaced. These vulnerable families urgently require shelter, sustenance, and immediate medical attention to cope with their dire situation.

Death Toll Rises:

The intense conflict claimed 14,000 Palestinian lives and injured over 30,000. Each number represents an individual, with grieving families and affected communities mourning their irreplaceable loved ones.

Islamic Aid On The Ground:

Our team is currently on the ground, providing vital life saving supplies and support to those who need it most. With their decades of experience in the region, we are actively working to aid innocent families whose lives have been shattered.

How Can You Help? In the face of this escalating crisis, every donation counts.

Your contribution can help provide:

  • Immediate Relief: Essential food, water and emergency care.

  • Shelter: For the hundreds of thousands who have lost their homes or are displaced.

  • Medical Supplies: Essential medical supplies for the 30,000+ injured residents in Gaza.


In addition, our first aid teams are actively working in Palestine, offering immediate help to those affected.

Given the profound distress in Palestine, we feel a deep responsibility to extend our hand and assist those impacted by the ongoing conflict. Our empathy and condolences extend to everyone who has lost family members, homes, and a sense of security. We’re fully committed to facilitating their recuperation and rebuilding.

This is why we’re reaching out for your invaluable support. Your generosity can significantly transform the lives of those struggling in Palestine. Your aid will enable us to deliver critical healthcare, nutritious food, clean water, and first aid to the ones desperately needing it.

Every cent of your contribution will be directly channeled to assist the afflicted, ensuring they receive crucial support during these trying times. With your backing, we can alleviate the hardships of those traumatized by the conflict, including the injured, the homeless, and those mourning the loss of dear ones.

We recognize that the current global situation is challenging, with many facing personal difficulties. Yet, any donation, regardless of its size, will immensely benefit those struggling in Palestine.

Collectively, let’s express our unity with the Palestinian people and stand by them in their time of need.