Make a difference

Your donations will help make a difference to the people of Pakistan whose homes and livelihoods have been washed away by monsoon floods.

We have allocated £100,000 to respond to the devastating floods that have killed 1,600 and affected four million people in Pakistan to provide food, shelter and medical assistance.

More than 1,600 people have been killed and 1.5 million people affected by devastating flooding in north-west Pakistan. Some areas have received the highest recorded rainfall since 1929.

Rushing water has destroyed crops, roads and bridges and washed away thousands of homes, local businesses and schools. Our assessment team reports that nearly 90% of the bridges in affected areas have been washed away.

The extent of the damage is severe, and the floods have destroyed communities – demolishing entire villages, roads and bridges and ruining fields and crops and killing livestock.

Please give generously. £25 could provide a family with a relief pack; £250 could help supply drinking water to an entire camp and £1,200 could help support an emergency hospital – please give whatever you can and send it today.