An earthquake in Afghanistan killed 3,000 and trapped many. We at Islamic Aid are working with our partners on ground to help them rebuild their lives. Urgently, they need your support now more than ever for recovery and rebuilding efforts after the magnitude-6.3 earthquakes.

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Help rebuild and save lives during the Afghanistan crisis.

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Afghanistan Earthquake Appeal

Your donation aids injured individuals in Afghanistan, providing medical care and supplying essential food and water to families in need. Your support is invaluable in helping them rebuild their lives after the emergencies.


Afghanistan recently experienced two powerful earthquakes, resulting in the tragic loss of 3,000 lives and injuring 10,000 people. The impact of these earthquakes has been devastating, with over 1,300 homes destroyed, leaving vulnerable families completely homeless.

This crisis has pushed Afghanistan to the brink, amplifying an already dire situation. The World Food Programme has labeled Afghanistan’s condition as “the worst humanitarian crisis on earth,” and these earthquakes have only intensified the suffering of an already wounded nation.

The people of Afghanistan are in desperate need of assistance. Currently, 22 million Afghans are grappling with a food crisis or emergency. A staggering 95% of the population does not have enough to eat, and a heartbreaking 1 million children are at risk of succumbing to malnutrition. Time is rapidly running out, particularly for the vulnerable groups like children, women, and the elderly.

Our organization has been providing crucial support to civilians in Afghanistan for over two decades. Even in the face of this deepening humanitarian crisis, we continue our efforts to offer aid and relief to the people who need it the most. Urgent action is required to save lives and alleviate the immense suffering experienced by the Afghan people.

Islamic Aid: how is it responding?

We will also provide food and water to families who have lost everything, helping to keep them nourished and hydrated as they work to rebuild their lives.