The gift of eyesight is one of the most precious gifts we can have in life. But can you imagine closing your eyes one day and never being able to open them again? Your world and capabilities would be forever changed.


We are fighting preventable blindness, providing hope and a brighter future for those in need

Islamic Aid is working to combat the statistic that 80% of blindness can be treated or prevented, by providing vital eye care services to those in need.

We are working to improve vision health for millions affected with impairments globally

Islamic Aid is responding to the urgent need for eye care globally, where at least 2.2 billion people suffer from near or distance vision impairment. We are committed to providing access to affordable and quality eye care services to those in need.

We are empowering the elderly with vision impairment through our aid programs

Islamic Aid is committed to addressing the needs of the elderly population with vision impairment and blindness, as they are the majority affected over the age of 50 years.

How would you continue to earn a living, look after others or even cope with the simplest tasks? It’s a frightening thought. And yet this is exactly what happens to millions of people around the world every year.

What makes things so much worse is that for those living in the poorest countries of the world, they have no-one to turn to for medical help. Without any governmental or social safety nets, they become even more vulnerable to not being able to work and becoming prone to starvation and disease.

Simple solutions are available

However, many eye problems can actually be treated relatively easily with the right medicines or simple surgery. And they don’t even cost a lot.

Conditions like cataracts or waterborne infections can be remedied with simple surgery or with special creams and ointments. But these treatments need to be carried out before the conditions become too far advanced and the risk of blindness cannot be averted.

This is your chance to rush your donation to help restore the most precious gift of eyesight to someone in danger of losing their sight if help does not arrive in time. Will you answer their need?

A small price for something so priceless

It costs just £2 to provide a tube of eye cream to combat waterborne disease. So £15 would help protect six children against river blindness caused by the lavae of flies in dirty water. We could screen 10 children for eye problems for just £25. And a gift of £50 would pay for a cataract operation for one person.

Even if you can help just one or a few people, just think of the ripple effects this will have on their families, especially if the person receiving treatment is the income earner.

So please be as generous as you can and give a gift that is more precious than you might ever imagine. Thank you.